Clairvoyance of Matri Sadan

Along with some Sannyasis I was at the Badrinath in june 1994 . During that period I received two divine directions ;one for Matri Sadan and other for going for Ayodhya . At that time Gokulanand Sarswati and Gopilanand Sarswasti ,as named now ,were with me.We three decided ,let us make a plan for going to Aayodhya .That was the month of June , when we were at Badrinath . It was decided that we would go to Ayodhya in December. Accordingly in December we went Ayodhya .During this visit to Ayodhya Nikhilanand also came here as he had intimation earlier. He had already initiated in sanyas (the renounce order of life). Our first duty ther was to locate Parmarth Ashram,as it was the divine direction.

We were fore in number. We moved hither and thither for the whole day in a hectic manner but could not locate Parmarth Ashram . It was very bewildering to have a divine direction to go to Parmarth ashram but ther was no clue as to what to do there . Even if we could find the Asherm, what to do next was a question before us . I had made up my mind to do meditation at the ashram for a day or two with proper approval of the priest concerned so that purpose of the divine direction might be discovered. It was a Monday. The continuous searching ended with nothing .

In the evening we reached Shiva Temple . In that Shiva Temple , took part in the Arati (a wick worship) .There and then went to another temple.Once we reach there ,I myself intuitively enquired about the Parmarth ashram. Usually the Sannyasins accompanying would ask people , but this time some how I asked him if there was a Parmarth Ashram over there? There was an old saint who saint who said , ‘Of course there is a Parmarth Ashram . There is aplace and sign board as well.’ That old further clarified “previously there was a sign board but recently it has taken away by some one. There is a place called Rusi Mandir. You kindly go there and you will get the details over there.” We were very happy; at last we had been able to search it out. We went to the place  following the guidance and found two temples. We learnt that a great saint known as Jugaljoriji Maharaja had lived there some years back. I met the priest of the temple and sought his permission to meditate foe three nights especially at the place where Jugaljoriji had lived so that the purpose of divine direction might be unearthed. The priest did accord his approval.Since Jugaljoriji Maharaja happened to live at the verandah, I chose that place for meditation.

It was winter, I directed my Sannyasins to arrange a Dhoona(wood fire) and a Deep (wick lamp)that would continue throughout the night. Although they did arrange it, after they went out the fire of Dhoona and Deepa went out : ghee in the Deepa was frozen and the fire of Dhoona also did not last. The very first night I discovered nothing except the glimpse of that saint sitting and writing something on papers. I could see this much only in meditation. The next day the Sannyasins took all precautions to guard against that mishap and meticulously arranged both Dhoona and Depa that would continue throughout the night. The ghee was boiled before it was poured into the Deepa. That night after very long and deep meditation I saw Jugaljoriji Maharaja. His hands were tied up. He was showing resistance to break the chain. With difficulty that knot was broken in meditation. As soon as the knot was broken his subtle body was sublimated into the sublime one. I still vividly recall his feet; his toes were so beautifully spread out. All of a sudden he rose up. I offered my salutations to him and blessing me, he went up into celestial body. I began to feel fatigue as I had to struggle a lot in breaking the knots around his hands. Just as I was tires I saw in my meditation a Sahasradeepa ( thousand – wicked lamp), the warmth of which comforted me and eased me from fatigue.

Later on it was discovered that Jugaljoriji had two disciples. So long as Maharaja ji  was alive there were sources of income. Eventhe land was purchased for the Ashram. After the saint passed away the two disciples who were living married life began quarrelling over the money donated in the name of Maharaj ji and his Ashram, Parmartha Ashram. Anyway this is the story of the foundation of  Matri Sadan. If anyone wishes to know the truth, they can verify this episode at Rushi Mandir of Ayodhyaya. So far we had not told the priest of Rushi mandir about our whereabouts nor about the purpose of our visit. But if you simply ask them if some saints in December 1994 had come, and did all that has been mentioned here, they would affirm it as true. Any way,this is how it began and the secret behind Matri Sadan is gradually getting revealed more clearly in phases. This continuous revelation has taken me to the point where I van infer that I must not be attached with Matri Sadan so much as that saint was. That saint had attained a very high stage, despite this, his desire to establish the Parmartha Ashram enchained him. By sending me to that place and making me undergoing that experience, my Gurudeva taught me the lesson not to be so attached with Matri Sadan. This is why I always keep myself at a distance from V Matri Sadan at all stages. This is the historical ground of Matri Sadan.