Religion: Myths and Reality

The problem of the present world is disharmony. The society is divided in many ways. Many countries have nuclear weapons. They can destroy the world within minutes. The whole races of the world are at the verge of destruction. We are not thinking in a way so that harmony can be achieved. The mighty power of the world is thinking to control the whole universe by this way or that way. In turn the people of the smaller countries are making human bombs. It makes the society unstable. With this act every individual is not destroying others but himself. All have forgotten their duties as a human being. Animal instincts are increasing day by day. To keep the society intact, the contemporary thinkers from ancient to modern times have been prescribing certain norms so that the animal instincts in a person could subdue and develop the power of discrimination (Vivek).

If society is not being controlled it always disharmonies. From the time immemorial, the rishis, saints, avatars and even thinkers have been devoting their lives to reform the society and making some rules to continue it. Therefore, religion can be described as the duties prescribed by certain enlightened souls to keep the society harmonious and peaceful. It means to keep one’s mind in such a position so that one’s lower instincts may be controlled and to allow descent of discrimination. A religion cannot divide society. The very purpose of religious life is to spread the rays of peace, harmony, brotherhood and prosperity of the society.

Then the question automatically arises – why people are fighting in the name of religion? Does any religion teach hatred and jealousy? No religious authority from any sect can advocate this but still the society is facing the challenges of hatred and jealousy in the name of religion.

Religion is one. Sun is one. Moon is one. Water, which we drink, is one. Air, which we breathe, is one. Ingredients of food, which we take, are one. Then how religion can be different for different persons? If any disease is spread, the medicine discovered by scientist can be applied to the person of all religious faiths. Thus the medicine of the disease of hatred and jealousy can also be applied to the people of all religion.

In every religion this medicine is present. It is ignorance that we’re not in a position to search it. If a person in a particular country searches the medicine of a particular disease, it can be prepared with the knowledge by any person in any country. In the same way if a person will search the medicine of the dreaded disease – hatred and jealousy in any religion, it can be seen in other religion also.

How can this medicine be searched? For this a person, i.e. a Sadhak will search within and purify his mind.  After purification of his mind he will dissolve it in the vital energy (pran). From this position he’ll realize his Atman and will assimilate that this individual Atman is the universal Atman which the Vedas declares as ^v;ekRek czã*

The main purpose of Matri Sadan is to establish this truth in the society and prepare Sadhaks who can devote their lives for this pious purpose. Matri Sadan is a platform where one can control and destroy his/her animal and lower instincts and realize ones Atman by adopting Vedic Kriayoga (Pranopashna).

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