Br. Aatmbodhanand ji started Tapasya from today 30th Oct, 2017

MS/2K17/Hdr/221 30-10-2017

वयं राष्ट्रे जाग्रयाम पुरोहिताः
शुक्लयजुर्वेद % 9/23 (Let we Rishis sustain awakening in the country)

1- The Honourable President of India,
Rashtrapati Bhawan,
New Delhi.

2- The Honourable Chief Justice,
Supreme Court of India,
New Delhi-110001.

3-The Honourable Prime Minister of India,
7-Lok Nirman Road,
New delhi -110001.

4-The Honourable Chief Justice,
Uttarakhand High Court,

5-The Honourable Governor,
Raj Bhawan, Uttarakhand,

6-The Honourable Chairman,
National Green Tribunal,
New Delhi – 110001.

Subject: Regarding initiation of Tapasya from today i.e. October 30, 2017.

Honourable Sir,
1- Matri Sadan is a divine organization, which fights against corruption and preserves the environment. Ganga Ji, who also enjoyed the status of our National River, flows in three types of different geographical conditions. Firstly amongst hills, secondly getting down from the hills to plane area and thirdly entire plane area. The area above Rishikesh is of hills where big stones are capable of combat the flow of Ganga, second area is hills last and plane starts but flow of Ganga is very fast and third area is totally plane, where flow of river becomes slow. Haridwar falls in second stage where hills last but still flow is very fast so sand & clay cannot combat this flow. Therefore the earth of Haridwar contains boulders and stones naturally so it is capable of combating the fast flow of Ganga.

2- Scriptures do have its own language to say this great valuable thing. It is said in Puranas that when goddess Ganga was directed by the Lord Vishnu to go to the earth from heaven she becomes very angry and decided in her mind to swept away the entire earth with her fast flow, then Lord Shiva controlled her anger by accepting her in his great hair locks and thus her anger was slowed down. In Mahabharat Mahapuran it is written,

एतस्याःसलिलं मूर्ध्नि वृषांकः पर्यधारयत् |
गंगाद्वारे महाभाग येन लोकस्थितिर्भवेत् || ||9||
महाभारत वनपर्व अध्याय-१४२ श्लोक-०९
Chapter 142 Verse 9. Mahabharat. (Geetapress Gorakhpur publication part-2, Vanparva, book code-33) Meaning by Lord Shiva accepted pious water of Ganga on his head and thus this world was protected. In other words we can say that boulders & stones are the head of Lord Shiva which combat the flow of Ganga from the time immemorial.

3- It is also being said that the Ganga Ji before descending on earth worried very much thinking people of earth will pollute & disrespect her with their selfish acts, at this Lord Brahma assures her that saints will do Tapasya near your banks & they will take care of you. Therefore, it is not only our (true saints) duty cast upon from the very lineage but also the fundamental constitutional duties of the citizen of India enshrined in article 51A (b), (g) & (i) of Indian Constitution.

4- It is the fact and the same has also been substantiated by the Scientists that replenishment of mined out stones and boulders are not possible in the bed & stretch of Ganga Ji in Haridwar, meaninby removal of the same is causing deleterious effects to this Kumbh & Religious city Haridwar. Till this date great loss has been caused to the area destroying ecology & bio-diversity of the same. Several islands containing green valuable Khair & Shesham trees have been destroyed.

5- To protect this Kumbh & Religious city Haridwar two of the saints of this pious ashram has been murdered under a great conspiracy hatched by the mafia in collusion with corrupt political leaders and corrupt government officers.

6- Several directions were issued to the State of Uttarakhand to stop mining activities in this area which ranges from Raiwala to Bhogpur, out of which Raiwala to till the starting boundary of Bishanpur mining & crushing has already been banned in 2010 by the Govt. Order which also confirmed by the Hon’ble Uttarakhand High Court and the Apex Court also did not interfere with the same, but from Bishanpur to Bhogpur mining works continued & so the destruction.

7- When no option left to stop deleterious effects from the mining & crushing in the area a Tapasya was started on 5th November, 2016 and the Ganga Ministry assigned this work to the CPCB Delhi and the CPCB invoking its powers conferred u/s 5 issued directions to stop mining in the said area and close down crushing units situated within 05 kilometers from the boundary of Ganga Ji. But the concerned officers did not comply with the same. Hon’ble Uttarakhand High Court also issued directions in PIL No. 62 of 2017 to enforce the same, but it was not enforced.

8- Last time when mining was started in these area and against the same Matri Sadan started Tapasya on 14th May 2017 with a request to comply the directions issued by the Hon’ble High Court of Uttarkhand and the CPCB Delhi but the Haridwar Administrative Officers and political regime conniving with mafia persons tried to kill our His Holiness Shri Gurudev along with two of our Guru brothers (disciple of the same Guru).

9- Matri Sadan filed a Contempt Application No. 128 of 2017 before the Hon’be Uttarakhnd High Court where the concerned officers first tried their best to misguide the Hon’ble Court and failing to do so a G.O. was issued on 24th August 2017 produced before the Hon’ble Court on 25th August 2017 by which directions of the Hon’ble Court & the CPCB Delhi was complied with.

10- State of Uttarakhand filed a review & same was decided on 14-09-2017 wherein the Hon’ble Court decided to recall its earlier order dated 3rd May 2017 regarding enforcement of directions issued by the CPCB but clearly mentioned in his order that “We have only reviewed our judgment, by which we have given a positive direction to the State to implement the directions of the Central Pollution Control Board. Reviewing of our judgment should not be understood as our having, in any way, interfered with the direction given by the Central Pollution Control Board dated 06.12.2016 or any of the further communication issued by it. We must not be taken to have pronounced on any of the contentions of the parties in regard to the said order. We make it very clear that if any person is aggrieved by the said order, this judgment will not stand in the way of the said person / Authority calling in question the said order in appropriate forum. We make it clear that allowing of the review petitions should not be treated as our pronouncement on the enforceability of the said order.“ Still the Principle Secretary, Industrial Development of this state in utter violation of the abovementioned order recalled his earlier order dated 24th August 2017 and just after that the District Magistrate Haridwar issued permission to operate those stone crushing industries who he himself imposed more than 33 crore fine for doing illegal mining, though while conducting a raid a great corruption had taken place while measuring the depth of ditches made of illegal mining & 30-40 feet depth was limited to only 4 to five feet, but even a penny was not collected from the same.

11- The Government & local administration is promoting illegal mining & illegal crushing giving political protection to the D.M. Haridwar Shri Deepak Rawat, who even did not reply to any our letters till this date.

12- High profiteering trade of illegal mining & illegal crushing captured each & every constitutional and non-constitutional set up including the saints on shoulders moral duties lie to preach the societies.

13- Our His Holiness Shri Gurudev had already written a detailed letter on 09-10-2017 enumerating all these grave issues, but nothing was done and illegal acts in this state continued in advance stage.

14- In this gloomy situation, we, the true saints, have left with no other option but to adopt the path of our ancient vedic tradition of doing Tapasya to get our legitimate & genuine requests fulfilled.

15- Therefore, in the light of above facts & circumstances, I, Brahmchari Aatmbodhanand, initiates Tapasya from today i.e. 30th October, 2017 with following requests:-

I- Directions issued by the CPCB Delhi be complied with.

II- A SIT be constituted to investigate rupees 1 crore & 50 lacs deal, which took place to restart stone crushing violating not only CPCB Delhi but even Hon’ble High Court directions.

III- As per the direction of Hon’ble Uttarakhand High Court dated 26th May 2011 and in compliance of the same recommendations of the D.M. Haridwar dated 16 February 2015 all stone crushing units situated within five kilometers from the bank of Ganga Ji be closed forthwith & this area be notified as no crushing zone & be developed for Organic Farming.

IV- Heavy illegal mining made 30-40 feet ditches in the agricultural fields situated on the bank Ganga and several islands containing green valuable Khair & Sheesham trees were destroyed causing grave ecological disbalance to this area, So a high level enquiry be set up to identify those who have committed these ecological disbalances.

V- D.M. of Haridwar Shri Deepak Rawat Ji be sent on re-training.

VI- Only reputed & tested honest officers be deputed in this Kumbh & religious city Haridwar.

VII- A High Level Expert Committee be set up to evaluate the cost of destruction caused by the officers of Uttarakhand Forest Corporation & Uttarakhand Forest Department by carrying unscientific mining on totally false ground of replenishment, in our opinion it may cross one thousand crore mark and liability be fixed to whom it must be collected and then matter be assigned to the CBI to prosecute the guilty liable persons.

As per the request made by our His Holiness Shri Gurudev in his letter dated 09-10-2017 it is earnestly requested not to disturb my Tapasya.
With due respects.
Yours Sincerely,

(Brahmchari Aatmbodhanand)
Matri Sadan, Haridwar.
Copy to: For information & proper action:-
1- The Hon’ble Minister, MoEF & CC, Govt. of India, New Delhi.
2- The Hon’ble Minister, Ganga Rejuvenation, Govt. of India, New Dehi.
3- The Hon’ble Home Minister, Govt. of India, New Delhi.
4- The Honourable District Judge, District Court, Haridwar.
5- The Hon’ble CM, State of Uttarakhand, Dehradun.
6- Hon’ble Revenue Minister Shri Prakash Pant Ji, Revenue Minister, State
of Uttarakhand, Dehradun.
7- Shri Gyanesh Bharti Ji, Joint Secretary, MoEF & CC, New Delhi.
8- Shri Hardik Shah Ji, PS to the Hon’ble Minister, MoEF & CC, New Delhi.
9- The Chairman, CPCB, Delhi.
10- The Additional Secretary & D.G., NMCG, New Delhi.
11- Shri Surendra Kumar Ji, Scientist ‘G’, Director, MoEF & CC, New Delhi.
12- The Chief Secretary, State of Uttarakhand.
13- The Industrial Development Secretary, Govt. of Uttarkahnd, Dehraudn.
14- The Director, Geology & Mining Unit, Directorate of Industry, Dehradun.
15- The District Magistrate, Haridwar.
16- The SSP Haridwar.
17- The SDM, Haridwar.
18- The S.O., Police Station, Kankhal.
Yours Sincerely,

(Brahmchari Aatmbodhanand)
Matri Sadan, Haridwar.

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