To protect & preserve Kumbh Mela Area of Haridwar from mining & crushing mafias.

In 2010 a Govt. order was passed to protect & preserve Kumbh Mela Area of Haridwar by which mining & crushing was banned inside this area, but the mafia conniving with the then Government along with a corrupt Judge of the Uttarakhand High Court succeeded to get stayed the effect & operation of the said G.O. Matri Sadan’s saint Swami Nigmanand Saraswati Ji started Tapasya to protect & preserve the Kumbh Mela Area but the coterie of the same mafia, corrupt government officers and leaders along with the corrupt judge of the High Court succeeded to kill him hatching a great conspiracy.
Same situation appeared at present, it is the same government which hatched conspiracy to kill Swami Nigmanand Saraswati Ji and in centre too, same party is in power. Scientifically no mining can be done in Ganga at Haridwar because no stone or boulder comes from upstream, mining agencies consultants also accepted that at this stage they cannot say anything about replenishment of stone & boulder because it will take atleast three years to know what will be replenished or not, MoEF & CC (Ministry of Environment Forest & Climate Change) New Delhi enquiry reports also made it clear that replenishment of boulders are unlikely, recommended a study by a national agency and till then suggested to kept at a bay all mining clearances, CPCB (Central Pollution Control Board) Delhi issued direction under section 5 of the Environment (Protection) Act 1986 to stop mining in Ganga from Raiwala to Bhogpur and close down stone crushing units situated within 5 kilometers radial distance from Ganga.
In the meantime an honest & diligent Hon’ble Judge of Uttarakhand High Court came to know the grief of Ganga Ji by various means; High Courts have powers to do so, and in a W.P. (PIL) directed to stop mining in the river bed of Ganga and highest flood plain area forthwith. But once again the same uttarakhand Govt., which is also in centre, conniving with mining & crushing mafia and taking into its conspiracy a corrupt judge of our Highest Echelon sitting on the highest post succeeded to get stayed that order, this corrupt judge did not take on record the submission/facts regarding destruction of Ganga Ji of caveator/Matri Sadan nor his pleadings and on the basis of that stay order state government of Uttarakhand is trying to restart mining in the Ganga which was stopped before 2nd June 2015 on various scientific grounds still unanswered.
It is the same government which kills Swami Nigmanand Ji and this time also Matri Sadan will not tolerate any mining in the bed & stretch of Ganga in Haridwar and start Tapasya forthwith if mining is started. It is also on record that Kumbh Mela Administrative Report-2010 contains a underlined strong recommendation to expand Kumbh Mela Area twice from current for forthcoming Kumbh Mela and extention is possible only towards southern boundary i.e. Bhogpur. Anything can happen because the murderers of Swami Nigamanand Ji is ruling in state of Uttarakhand and also in centre. They may try to eliminate Matri Sadan but saints of Matri Sadan are ready for supreme sacrifice to protect & preserve the our National River Ganga, whom the Hon’ble Uttarakhand High Court provided an status of Living Entity on 20 March 2017.
In this regard a letter was already sent to the Hon’ble Chief Justice of India and others on 05-05-2017 via email.

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