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  1. Parag Lovely

    A bunch of Loosers, self proclaimed His holiness, blackmailers proclaiming saints and and his team of thugs, they start ansan on their own and breaks it when it becomes unbearable to them without even promise from chief minister and/or administration. Just you people are bunch of media attention seeking touts and whole thugs of matrisadan is not even one thousands of what swami Nigmanand was. If Siwanand has real guts why did not he continued his fast at least till he meets Nigmanand jee’s no of fasting days or his initial demands were fulfilled.
    Tain tain fisss………………….. Looser Matri sadan

    1. Matri Sadan Post author

      Parag loveliji to abuse anyone is easy,without knowing the facts if you make a conclusion, remaining in darkness there is no word to express the behaviour of such person. In Matri Sadan till now 45 Anshans have been done by different sannyasins,Sri Gurudev was also poisoned while he was doing anshan in 2000 in Judicial Custody.
      Pragji, when Nigamanandji was alive all of you were dancing with the tune of government and mafia , not only Nigamanandji but swami Gokulanandji was also poisoned to death for this great cause. We know that these khanan mafias are not only destroying Ganga but at the sametime working with the persons like you to mislead the society. Please introspect, meditate and if you have any Isht Devata ask him and only after that if have a least portion of truth in you then only you will have a glimpse of the truth of Matri Sadan, and you should know that these anshan had been dropped after the stopping of all the mining in Ganga and assured to remain so.
      Time is great, time will reveal the truth.


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