Illegal mining resumes again in Ganga by defying all legal and administrative orders

After 22 days of continuous fast against Ganga Pollution and corruption by Gurudev Govt. woke up and realized its deliberate defying MOEF directions to close all illegal mining in Ganga. The DM Haridwar issued an order in compliance of NGT and MOEF directions, closed the mining in Ganga with effect from 21st April 2015, and fast were broken. Gurudev’s physical body was saved.
But constitutional failure, greed and to meet their desires, DM started open mining in Ganga.
Now as usual, the fight is going on, in spite of all legal grounds and truth, Matri Sadan has to struggle again with the powerful weapon of Satyagrah.

AU 9may 15 AU 10 may DJ 4 may 15 DJ 6 may 15 DJ 8 may 15 DJ 9 may 15 DJ 10 may 15

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