1 thought on “Tapasya enters 10th day : Aam Aadmi Party supports

  1. RajeshTamret

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    Thanks.. .AAP & Mr Arvind Kejriwal….I hope it should not be end with support letter only but begining of spreading the movement & let the countryman know about the prevailing situation at Haridwar and how a Brahmchari is sitting on Upwas for last 10 days. fighting a lone battle against coruupt system & most dreaded mine mafia. Where is Mr Anna Hazare ? Who love to sit on hunger strike as and when to press his demand for jan lokpal against corruption..does not he has any knowledge about Shivanandji’s upwas…my humble request to all my follow countryman..Please note that Shivanandji has already lost his discple swami Nigamanand couple of year back to save Nature & River Ganga from clutch of these monsters.. All those who have ever visited Holy city of Haridwar must have seen themselves how rackless mining is taking place at riverbed(heart)of our Mother…we also see how our socalled protector of Dharma are more concerned to enhance their material wealth than spiritual one. .living a life of a VVIP & not at all of a sadhu…and thats the reason we understand why they are mum on this issue..but the comman people of Haridwar has highest regards for efforts activities of Matri Sadan. As they had suffered the most at the time of Uttarakhand tragedy last year..I know Shivanandji since he was our Chemistry Teacher at our School in Kolkata 30 years back…Its rare to see such a personality , Brahmchari, Selfless Life with no grid & materialistic mindset..absolute..Dharma as prescribed & preached by Lord Krishna in Geeta.. Some time time I am confused, most famous & people at top pretend doing there duty as karma prescribed in gita are only doing physical exercise…because any Karma without Dharma is not Karma at all…Therefore I once again request you all who ever read this blog by chance or on any way should spread this to make movement to save Our Beloved Mother Ganga….Lifeline of our civilization…..


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