9th Day of Tapasya by Shri Gurudev

Today is the 9th day of Gurudev’s Tapasya aginst Ganga Pollution and Corruption. In just 8 years mining and deforestation have managed to destroy the thousands of year old green cover around Haridwar and River Ganga.
Why is it that each time mining is lawfully banned, some or the other corrupt link finds a way to open it again?
Is the Govt. waiting for another Uttarakhand tragedy? Or will even that won’t be a price enough to satisfy the greed for money generated through illegal quarrying?ganga damage
This image shows the change mining has wrought on the fragile river system in Haridwar, the green is 2003 – the brown image is 2011

1 thought on “9th Day of Tapasya by Shri Gurudev

  1. tamretrajesh

    When every Famous & at Top preach & prtend to do their duty(karma) every day without knowing the essence of DHARMA this will continue the fate of our Nation..LORD KRISHNA CAN ONLY come & save Ganga, Gaay,Gayetri, Geeta & Guru….


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