Letter to Director, CBI regarding prevalent corruption and more than that indifference towards the murder of Swami Nigmanand

 Vayam Rashtre Jagraam Purohita (shuklayajurveda 9/23)

(Let we Rishis sustain awakening in the country)


The Director,

Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI),

CGO Complex, Lodhi Road,

New Delhi-110003.

Subject: Regarding prevalent corruption and more than that your indifference towards it have left us with no other option but to do Satyagraha to get action be taken against the corrupt officers of CBI Dehradun Branch Superintendent of Police Shri Neelabh Kishore Ji, Deputy Superintendent of Police and Investigating Officer Shri V. Dixit Ji and Head of Department of Forensic and Toxicology of AIIMS-New Delhi Dr. T.D.Dogra Ji, who have not only suppressed the truth but also put a question mark on you.


Matri Sadan is a divine organization, which fights against corruption and preserves the environment. Matri Sadan uplifting works and annoyance of mafia are synonymous. That is the reason why the coterie of Mafia, corrupt Officers of various departments and Institutions and corrupt political Leaders always conspire to kill His Holiness Shri Gurudeva and other saints of Matri Sadan whom they supposed barriers to their illegal works. Till this date several conspiracies were hatched to eliminate Matri Sadan and two saints including Swami Nigmanand Saraswati Ji were killed. Mafia is being backed up by R.S.S., which has a cell of poisoning expert. It can be seen by these four incidents of poisoning:-

1  (a)     His Holiness Shri Gurudev, Swami Shri Shivanand Ji Maharaj, was given     Arsenic poison in Year 2000. By the grace of Supreme he managed to survive though had to face many difficulties and prolonged effects of that poison.

(b)             In Year 2003 Swami Gokulanand Saraswati, a saint of Matri Sadan, was killed of Scholin poison, which was revealed in Post Mortem. This poison too was injected in his vein.

(c)              In year 2008 Swami Nigmanand Saraswati was given Jimsonweed poison on the name of Amalki Rasayan, an herbal medicine to control vomiting, but that time he escaped because he had not sent to District Hospital.

(d)             This is the present incident how Swami Nigmanand Saraswati Ji was killed is open to all but C.B.I. Dehradun Branch knowingly put a step forward to hush up this case.

-:Brief History:-

1-           Swami Nigmanand Saraswati Ji started his continuous fast since the night of 19-02-2011.

2-      He had performed Yajna(;K) until 67th day (on 26 April 2011) of Satyagraha which can be seen in CC Camera recording. What can be the more concrete proof than this of his good health? Impossibilities were created by the doctors to kill him. It is a murder in broad day light; to which C.B.I. Dehradun Branch stepped further to put a blanket on it.

3-           It is an open fact that on 27-04-2011 Swami Nigmanand Saraswati Ji was taken to Hospital in a very alert, conscious and fully oriented state. He was so conscious that he took his audio instrument with him and recorded the whole incidence which took place in Hospital on that day and after that day. 16 hours audio recording consisting of 4 hours each is available in which he talked with SDM, Doctors, Police Officers etc.  Some part of that recording is being typed here for your kind consideration:-


SDM, Haridwar:  (ab theek hai.)

Swami Nigmanand Saraswati Ji : SDM (Sahab, doctor sab ka naam bata deejiye.)(Sir, please tell the name of all)

SDM, Haridwar:   (Mai chitthi bhej raha hu)( I am sending letter.)

Swami Nigmanand Saraswati Ji : CMS lkgc —-(Sir)

SDM, Haridwar:  (Khare tow hai.) (Standing)

CMS, District Hospital:  (Kyo Swami ji mil liye aapse hum.)

SDM, Haridwar: doctor sab thhey jinka vyavhaar kuchh theek nahi raha tha wo naa ayenge hamarey yahan bol denge))

SDM, Haridwar: (Dr Johri aur Dr. Gupta)

CMS, District Hospital:(bol denge bilkul abhi unko tight kar denge.)

SDM, Haridwar:  (nahi, nahi unko aap lagaiye hee mat.)

CMS, District Hospital: (theek hai)

Swami Nigmanand Saraswati Ji : (aap tow jaante hai hum logo ke sangharsh ko.)

CMS, District Hospital:  (Bilkul jaante hai bhai, pata nahi kab se jaante hai aapko aur aap hamen jaante hai.)

Swami Nigmanand Saraswati Ji :  (laughing)(pichhle barah saal se jaante hai.)

SDM, Haridwar:  ——— (aaraam kariye) (SDM ka swami ji ke attendant Kaushalendra ji ko wahin rehne ki baat kehna aur CMS ko kehna ki koi samsya ho tow bata deejiyega)

SDM, Haridwar:  (Maharaj ji meri rai se thoda kuchh juice waherah le lete juice)

Swami Nigmanand Saraswati Ji : —–Ji

SDM, Haridwar: ——(juice)

Swami Nigmanand Saraswati Ji :  (Sambhav hee nahi, ab tow jeewan bhar much se kuchh nahi lunga)

SDM, Haridwar: ugha ;s rks—–(nahi ye tow……)

Swami Nigmanand Saraswati Ji :——  (ab tow aap logo ko jeewan bhar isee tereh rakhna hoga)—-


SDM, Haridwar: (Chaliye abhi behes nahi karte hai pehle thoda swasthya theek ho jaaye fir dekhte hai)

Dr. Nishtha Gulati :– (haan pehle thoda swasthya theek ho jaaye)


In another conversation he was requesting His Holiness Shri Gurudev to

avail him a Laptop so he would type some representations and counter

affidavits of the ongoing petitions and thus assist me.  


Like this there are lengthy conversations with doctors and policeman whom Swami Ji convinced with his logical and pragmatic approach that why that continuous fast was necessary to protect the environment for the coming generation and if he would not resist judicial corruption who would raise it etc.


4-      He was fed by IV fluids. His condition was very good except some dehydration. Next day on 28-04-2011 at 12:30 PM doctors remarks were here as under:

Dehydration adequate,

tongue wet,

B/P 104/72,


Pulse Rate 84/M

In the evening of 28-04-2011 nasal feedings started. Next day on 29-04-2011 his urine sample examined and found negative for ketone. All were going in right direction and nothing seemed abnormal. Remarks of attending doctor on 29th April 2011 were here as under:-

Pulse Rate 72/M

B/P 110/70

     Patient Feeling better.  No complaints.

We challenge the wisdom of any person or board who says that a person in above conscious, alert and well oriented state can die of hunger and malnutrition. Medical Science is not a paternal legacy of Dr. T.D.Dogra, who has taken huge money to produce this baseless report.

          It is for your kind consideration that Swami Nigamanand Saraswati Ji had observed two long continuous fast before this. In the Year 2001-2002 for 68 days, in the year 2008 for 73 days, not only Swami Nigmanand Ji but other saints of Matri Sadan had also observed long continuous fast like Swami Gokulanand Saraswati Ji in the year 2001 for 56 days, Swami Poornand Saraswati Ji in the year 2009-2010 for 53 days. In addition to this many times saints of Matri Sadan even stopped to take water for 7 days. These fasts were broken in Ashram and fasting person’s health became better than previous one. But this time when fast was broken in medical care and body started to regain his normal state he died of hunger and malnutrition?


5-    On the morning of 30th April 2011 he was feeling rather better which was seen in his activities like bathing and clothing by himself and when a rogue named Anand Pandey came to meet him he shouted in loud voice, “go away, have you taken permission of Shri Gurudev to come here?” So good was his heath on 30th April 2011.

6-    His health started to deteriorate only since the night of 30-04-2011 after suspected nurse injected some substance to his body between 2 to 3 PM. The suspected nurse brought filled syringe with her and took away it with her after injecting to Swami Ji.

7-    Since the night of 30th April 2011 his body started strange symptoms which never appeared before that, it was twisting of fingers of both hands which became faster with the passing of time. His urine, which was passing at normally before that started to block. On 1st May 2011 his condition remained deteriorating.

8-    In the evening of 1st May 2011 we were there and watched the strange symptoms at the same time hearing loss was also started. By chance we have some video footage for few minutes of that evening, which is showing these symptoms. In the night of 1st May 2011 his body started to jerk and that jerking was so strong that his attendant made a phone call and asked us to come immediately and we took no time to reach there but till the time we reached attending doctor on duty injected some sedative and he was put to sleep. Doctors including CMS and administrative officers were informed but no one took any interest except attending Doctor Himanshu Mirshra who injected sedative to put him on sleep.

9-    In the early morning of 2 May 2011 he awoke but all symptoms were increased to its limit, his condition was worst and his legs were looking paralyzed, passing of urine remain blocked, his body was jerking and he started to slip into coma but CMS Shri P.K. Bhatnagar assured us that he was sleeping. We were waiting for his wake up but thanks to Dr. Gulati who suddenly cried out, “Swami Ji is not sleeping and he is in coma, he is definitely not sleeping, who is saying that he is sleeping, have not seeing the cold sweat on his face, oh God! What happened is not right etc.

10-                       Just after that preparations were started to shift him and between this District Magistrate of Haridwar Shri R.Meenakshi Sundaram came there with heavy police force. Swami Ji was being taken away in an ambulance and two attendants from the Matri Sadan walked to sit inside with him but CMS Shri P.K.Bhatnagar stopped them to enter into ambulance and asked the driver to go. Then SDM asked his own driver to make the duo sit inside but it was not possible and at the time duo reached Doon Hospital Dehradun Swami Ji was put on a stretcher and he was frothing a lot. Some one made a video of that scene with mobile. When we came to know this symptoms i.e. frothing of his mouth, first time became suspicious of poisoning but situation was so we could do nothing and praying the God to make him well. It reveals that while being taken in ambulance he was again given poison through the mouth or by nasal way and that was the reason of frothing so much.

11-                       At Doon Hospital he was diagnosed and treated for poison. A person asked treating doctors about the problem, “we are giving him antidote of poison and nothing else” said the doctor.  Doon doctors revived him and one of the doctors told the attendant of Swami Ji, Shri Kuashalendra Jha, to go and see him. He went to see him and Swami Ji pressed his hands assuring his survival. Kaushalendra’s eyes became wet of happiness and he informed us on phone about this. But after some time mobile of doctors started to ring and after that they started to say that Swami Ji has to shift from here. After that Doon Hospital’s staff carried him Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust (HIHT) but he was not admitted in a way that could start his treatment, rather kept aside in emergency ward. Kaushalendra, the attendant of Swami Ji from Matri Sadan, reached HIHT by some other vehicle and saw the situation. He requested HIHT doctors to start his treatment just now, to which they asked who would pay for him. Kuasalendra assured them of each and every payment by Matri Sadan and he deposited Rupees 10 thousand and requested them to start treatment.

12-                       HIHT diagnosed and treated him for poisoning of unknown substances and sent the blood sample for its determination. Report detected very low level of cholinesterase enzyme and it was confirmed that he had been administered organophosphate poison. After that he was treated for organophosphate poison. Attending Doctor Smt. Anita Sharma accepted that he had been poisoned and she was treating him with antidotes of organophosphate poison. Attropine and its substitute, which is used to treat organophosphate poisoning, had continuously been given to him until his last breath on 13 June 2011. We have audio recording in which Attending Dr. Anita Shrama has accepted that Swami Ji had been poisoned and being treated for that. HIHT though forged the documents but treated him with antidotes of OP poisoning. HIHT is a death trap and easy shelter for the mafia to kill his enemy and Swami Ji felled a prey to this. Whenever his health started to become better used to become worst on the very next day. This was due to repeated poisoning in HIHT itself.

13-                       After his death, ignoring all the norms, doctors performed postmortem at mid night. We demanded second postmortem and also C.B.I. inquiry.

14-                       On 16 June 2011, after so much if and buts Viscera was again taken. In the meantime state government declared in media to setup a C.B.I. inquiry.

15-                       But the request letter for C.B.I. inquiry was neither written by competent officer nor sent to competent department.

16-                       Another saint of Matri Sadan, declared and started continuous fast from 30 July to 14 August 2011 to setup an C.B.I. inquiry and then only it was setup.

17-                       On 18 August 2011 a case no. RC0072011S0010 was registered with C.B.I. Dehradun Branch. On 22 August 2011 Superintendent of Police Shri Neelabh Kishore Ji accompanying IO Shri V. Dixit Ji and other subordinate officer reached Matri Sadan in mid day to start the investigation. Shri Neelabh Kishore Ji went back after some time while Shri V.Dixit Ji and his subordinate stayed till the evening. Shri V.Dixit Ji asked some questions which were totally uncalled for like how much land Matri Sadan have, when was it bought, how much money was paid etc. After his departure a journalist asked us if C.B.I. had inquired about the land. This raised some doubts in our mind regarding some foul play but it was too early to make any perception.

18-                       Next day news papers published the news about C.B.I. and beside this news another news was published in which ‘Shri Vaishya Aggrawal Seva Sabha; had demanded Uttarakhand Government to cancel C.B.I. probe and set up a magisterial inquiry otherwise they would launch state wide agitation. What was the reason behind that? Uttarakhand Government headed by the then C.M. Shri Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank Ji accepted our demand of setting a C.B.I. inquiry only after Dehradun C.B.I. team was managed. At that time one news paper was writing that inquiry would not be done by the Dehradun Branch and some other team, may be Crime Branch Lucknow, would do it while another paper whose journalist asked question about land was writing that inquiry would be done by Dehradun Branch and finally it was done by Dehradun Branch.

Irregularities of Investigating Officer Shri V. Dixit Ji.

19-                       On the very first day of arrival in Matri Sadan the SP, Shri Nilabh Kishore Ji, told us that he would set up a board in chairmanship of Dr. T.D.Dogra and if needed would apply for research to ascertain poisoning. At that time we had already collected so much research papers suggesting viscera report does not detect organophosphate after three days of its administration and confirmation is done by cholinesterase level of fresh blood sample and this was already done in the night of 3-4 May 2011 in Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust which sent the sample to a Laboratory in New Delhi but still Shri Dixit Ji acclaimed that expert report suggests it was detectable in brain tissue. We wrote him letter no. MS/2K11/Hdr/135 dated 18-09-10-2011 and requested him to give us that expert report so we may challenge it very shortly at appropriate forum but he did not consider it.

20-                       As we know and Dixit Ji also told us that 3 Viscera were taken in Dehradun and two in Haridwar but RTI revealed seven exhibits, is there any foul play too? All were sent to a single laboratory which was already managed. We requested Shri Dixit Ji to perform DNA test of Viscera and compare it with nails and hair of Swami Ji which was kept safe by us but he did nothing. We have firm doubt that his Viscera were changed. Another very important fact is that in year 2002 Swami Gokulanand Saraswti was also murdered by the same mafia nexus and his dead body had no signs of rigor mortise and clotting of bloods even after 6 days of death. Seeing these symptoms an experienced doctor suggested for Scholin test (an IV poison) and his Viscera detected positive for that. The same symptoms were found with the dead body of Swami Nigmanand Saraswati, his dead body too had no rigor mortise and blood was oozing from his dead body even after four days of death. We had requested Shri Dixit Ji to test it also for Scholin poison besides other. It is a question to be answered by the doctors.

21-                       Shri Dixit Ji was hushing up this case and decided to constitute a medical board for this purpose. Meanwhile a single member board in the chairmanship of Dr. T.D.Dogra was constituted to determine whether Swami Ji was poisoned or not? This board was constituted not to determine the cause of death but to cover the truth which was already open to everyone, which can be seen from the very beginning. We were called to participate but our request to record this proceeding was rejected by Mr. V.Dixit Ji and Dr. T.D.Dogra Ji.  The reason became clear when we reached there. Our representative, Dr. Vijay Verma Ji presented the facts before Dr, T.D. Dogra and he did not object that OP was not administered but made him come out of the meeting room within 20 minutes and Mr. Dogra Ji sat with culprit doctors for hours to conspire and manipulate the facts. It was a scientific analysis and it would have been done in open but Dr. Dogra assumed Medical Science as his paternal legacy and produced baseless and preplanned report.

22-                       It is a big question to which Dr. Dogra remained totally silent that how a person can die of hunger when he was not hungry?

23-                       The symptoms found after that are of organophosphate to which Mr. T.D.Dogra could not deny.

24-                       Decreased Cholinesterase level confirmed organophosphate poisoning and Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust (Jolly Grant) diagnosed and treated him of organophosphate poisoning for period of 43 days till he breathed last on 13 June 2011 but prepared forged documents.  

25-                       It is also possible that Shri Dixit Ji might have not given Dr. T.D. Dogra the Video of the moment Swami Nigmanand Saraswati Ji was being taken to District Hospital and audio recordings inside the Hospital of that day i.e. 27 April 2011 and afterwards. Otherwise seeing this video a laymen can understand that Swami Ji was conscious, alert and well oriented and no sign of hunger or malnutrition was appeared on him then why not a doctor like T.D.Dogra could understood this?

26-                         Shri Dixit Ji called eyewitness Shri Kaushalendra Ji to his Dehraudn office to prepare a sketch of suspected nurse and said that this sketch would be displayed in public so we would also be given a copy of that. But when sketch was prepared and Shri Dixit Ji recognized the nurse and kept it in his file. Had he made it public suspected nurse would have easily been nabbed but he did not do so because of involvement in corruption. Once on 11 November 2011 he called Shri Kaushalendra Ji in Mela Hospital to identify the suspected nurse but in turn harassed him mentally which Kaushaledra Ji objected in writing by his letter dated 12-11-2011 and a copy was also sent to you. What Shri Dixit Ji really did that day is itself a proof of his involvement. He made Kaushalendra Ji to sit in a room for one and half hour and then came there with administrative officer who was involved in eliminating Matri Sadan, brought the signed paper before him and increase the number of nurses from 14 to 15.

27-                       A great irregularities committed by Shri Dixit Ji on that day is that he developed a black and white photograph of suspect nurse at his own and compelled Shri Kaushalendra Ji to sign it in back date. Who gave him this right to do so? You have already been informed with this irregularity by Kaushalendra Ji and us also.

28-                        After his objection Shri Dixit Ji arranged this parade on 23-12-2011. I requested him to show me the sketch because I was in same hospital for three months but he never showed me but on this day he showed me and I recognized that nurse then he created a unnecessary impossibility that nurses do not have any photo ID Card and culprit’s colleague and junior would identify their signatures. What a joke it was? Such things can not been done without involvement in corruption.

29-                       We have another proof of corruption of Dehradun C.B.I. Branch. A man, posing as an officer with DOPT-New Delhi went inside the Dehradun C.B.I. Brach office and took some paper from them and did his job; to influence a probe which was being done by C.B.I. Dehradun Branch. But later on he was nabbed. What was the reality? Reality is that impersonator was the Broker of C.B.I. and he used to deal between culprits and C.B.I. but this time he took a heavy amount on this name and did not give it to Shri Neelabh Kirshore Ji and that was the reason of his arrest. He went there to influence our case which he did and after this incident a direct connection established between C.B.I. Dehradun Branch and culprits and culprits were convinced by the C.B.I. Dehradun that they would be protected. That was the reason no agitation was launched even no press release was issued in this respect as has been done on 22 August 2011 by ‘Shri Vaishya Aggrawal Seva Sabha’ while C.B.I. inquiry remained on.

30-                       In the meantime one side C.B.I published a report that poison could not be detected in Viscera and Swami Ji died of hunger in other side called the parent of Swami Nigmanand Ji’s previous life and guided them to defame Matri Sadan with baseless allegations. It is a fact that there had no connection between Swami Nigmanand Saraswati Ji and parent of his previous life for the last 16 years and episode of previous life’s parent starts only after his death.


31-                       Doon Hospital did not submit referral papers in Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust but Shri V. Dixit Ji, the IO, planned and managed to forge it to protect the culprits.

32-                       We requested Shri Dixit Ji to do DNA test of Viscera and compare it with the nails and hairs of Swami Ji which is kept safe for this purpose but he did not do so.

33-                       Shri Nilabh Kishore Ji and Shri Dixit Ji both suggested us not to inform media about this probe but they called the parent of Swami Nigmanand Ji’s previous birth (before renunciation) and guided them to do press conference against Matri Sadan continuously for three days. Shri Dixit Ji himself had told us that it may administration or some other person who was sponsoring his parent against Matri Sadan but this time he himself suggested him to complain Haridwar administration against Matri Sadan.

34-                       Shri V. Dixit Ji called Dr. Vijay Verma, another important witness to this case, in Dam Kothi and tried his best to divert his mind from the reality. He told him that Swami Ji was referred to HIHT and referral papers were also submitted. But the reality is that HIHT lodged a medico legal case in nearby police station to which Dr. Vijay Verma Ji well aware of. When Shri Dixit Ji realized that Dr. Verma Ji is a truthful person he escaped to record his statement saying he would record it some other day but he had not record it till now.

35-                       IO. Shri V.Dixit Ji, called a person on mobile named Rajkumar Jha, assuming that he is the same person who became a Sadhu(Saint) for some time and lived in Matri Sadan and then returned to his homely life. In fact he runs away from Matri Sadan in fear of getting caught of his links with Mafia. Dixit Ji, after asking his name and history, asks him that he wanted to get a short statement from him in relation with the death of Swami Nigmanand Saraswati Ji so could he not come to his Dehradun Office. By the chance Shri Dixit Ji rang the mobile of another person whose every thing was same except being Saint for some time and he replied him that he was not the same but he knows the truth. At this point Shri Dixit Ji suddenly, without talking anything further, disconnected the phone. This incidence also shows his involvement in corruption otherwise he would have asked him the truth but he did not because he knows the truth and wanted to suppress it. We recorded this incident in writing with our letter no. MA/2K11/Hdr/170 dated 13-12-2011 and this letter was also sent to you as a copy. It is a fact one person, named Rajkumar Jha became a Sadhu(Saint), Nikhilanand Saraswati and lived in Matri Sadan and left Matri Sadan to return his household life in first week of February 2002 and after that he had no connection with Matri Sadan.   

36-                       On the other side he never tried to record the evidence of Shri Hemant Dhyani Ji, a witness of the tampering of evidence by Himalayan Institute Hosptal Trust. Shri Dhyani Ji had also seen the first page of Swami Nigmanand Saraswati Ji’s history sheet where it was written, “poisoning by unknown substance” but later on that page was removed from the history sheet and Dhyani Ji besides other is an eye witness of this tampering episode of HIHT. But Shri Dixit Ji did not do any inquiry in this regard. Why?

37-                       After committing so many irregularities Shri Dixit Ji filed closure                      report and that’s to in winter closing. The Hon’ble Court was closed for winter vacation from 24 December 2011 to 1 January 2012 and he filed it on 28 December 2011.  

38-                       It is a question mark that Shri Dixit Ji wanted to record statement of eye witnesses of death registry (who have signed on Panchnama papers) Shri Ompal Singh and Shri Arjun Singh, duo are the devotees of Matri Sadan. Kaushalendra Jha told him that I, Bramchari Dayanand would give him their pone numbers but Shri Dixit Ji did not take it from me. Identification of nurses was still pending then what happened extraordinary to file closure report in winter season? Possibility is that after I recognized the sketch of suspected nurse Shri Dixit became nervous that now truth would come out because he was aware of all the culprits and their roles in Swami Ji’s murder but he received huge amount to protect them and that could be a reason to file closure report during the winter vacation i.e. on 28 12- 2011. The Hon’ble Court was closed from 24 December to 1 January 2012 so what was the urgency to file it in so hurry without completing the ongoing investigation?

39-                       These are few and there are so many irregularities which were committed by Shri V. Dixit Ji. While Shri Nilabh Kishore Ji suggested us to send complaint and assured to come and see it but he too never came, rather remained busy to prepare this closure report.

40-                       We wrote you many letters to change this team whose corruption is not a hidden fact but you never paid any heed to our legitimate, genuine and already proved complaint.

41-                       As far as report of Dr. T.D.Dogra is concerned we objected to it on the day this board held its meeting on 15-11-2011. We objected in writing and photocopy was sent to you with our letter no. MS/2K11/Hdr/159 dated 19-11-2011. Now the question arises why baseless, unscientific and illogical report of Dr. T.D.Dogra, which we had been objecting from the very first day, was made the basis of closure report and true, scientific and logical report of Dr. Vijay Verma was not considered? Dr. VijayVerma Ji produced several research papers in support to his scientific and logical report, to which Dr. T.D.Dogra had no answer. Here we are annexing a medical report of Dr.Vijay Verma who used to visit District Hospital Haridwar and Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust almost every day while Swami Nigmanand Saraswati Ji admitted. Dr. Vijay Verma revoked the each and every finding of Dr. T.D. Dogar’s baseless and false report on the basis of several national and international research papers.  Annexure( Is being sent with this letter by speed post).

42-                       C.B.I. ehradun team was managed first and then only Uttarakhand State send request for C.B.I. enquiry.

43-                       We are informing you the irregularities of C.B.I. Dehradun from very bigining and till this date we have sent you letters no. MS/2K11/Hdr/142 dated 12-10-2011(as copy), MS/2K11/Hdr/157 dated 10-11-2011(as copy), Letter dated 12-11-2011 my key witness Shri Kaushalendra Jha(as copy), MS/2K11/Hdr/159 dated 19-11-2011(as copy), MS/2K11/Hdr/160 dated 20-11-2011(as copy), MS/2K11/Hdr/170 dated 13-12-2011(as copy),  MS/2K11/Hdr/171 dated 13-12-2011(as copy), MS/2K11/Hdr/175 dated 24-12-2011(as copy), MS/2K11/Hdr/170 dated 13-12-2011(as copy), another letter by key witness Shri Kaushalendra Jha on 25-12-2011.        In addition to that three letters no. MS/2K11/Hdr/174 dated 19-12-2011, MS/2K11/Hdr/179 dated 27-12-2011 and MS/2K11/Hdr/180 dated 28-12-2011 were addressed to you and the last two letters no MS/2K11/Hdr/179 dated 27-12-2011 and MS/2K11/Hdr/180 dated 28-12-2011 were sent to you by fax. By first letter dated 27-12-2011 we made a request that both officers of Dehradun Branch Shri Neelabh Kishore Ji and Shri V. Dixit Ji are involved in corruption is not investigative but investigative is that how much money they took as a bribe. By the second letter dated 28-12-2011 we requested you to inform us for which case impersonator went in C.B.I. Branch Office Dehradun, but you still paid no heed to our genuine and legitimate grievances, rather gave open freedom to these corrupt officers to practice corruption.

44-                       Shri Neelabh Kishore Ji directly dealt with the culprits to hush up this case and impersonator did nothing but grabbed more money from the culprit but gave less to Shri Neelabh Kishore Ji and that was the reason later Shri Neelabh Ji booked him and false story was made. But in reality impersonator influenced this case and C.B.I. Dehradun came in direct touch with the culprits to protect them after getting huge amount which can be in crores.   

45-                       The current situation of this case is that this is still to be submitted in the court because of vacancy of the Hon’ble Court and it still can be taken back for re-investigation.                        

Therefore, you are requested to:

1.               Set up an inquiry to ascertain the corruption of C.B.I. Dehradun Branch and appoint a honest, intelligent, sincere and sensitive officer’s new  team outside Dehardun Branch to re-investigate this case.

2.               Constitute a Medical Board of different doctors not only from AIIMS but from all parts of the World and arrange this proceeding as an open seminar where everyone would place his facts and whole proceedings should be recorded. It must be an open scientific discussion. We challenge the wisdom of any person who says that a fasting person, who is in conscious, alert and well oriented state is being fed by IV fluids and Ryle’s tube, can die of hunger and malnutrition as reported by Dr. T.D.Dogra? Medical Science is not a paternal legacy of Dr. T.D. Dogra and he must be suspended forthwith.

3.               Please reject the unscientific, illogical and false report of Dr. T.D.Dogra and accept the Scientific, logical and true report of Dr. Vijay Verma.

                      Please ensure these actions within 10 days after receiving of this letter otherwise to maintain the dignity of our country, to save this country from corruption and restore the dignity of Medical Science we would left with no other option but to resort the most peaceful way of protest i.e. Satyagraha any day after 30 January 2010 to get action be taken against the corrupt officers of C.B.I. Deahradun Branch SP Shri Neelabh Kishore Ji, Dy. SP Shri V. Dixit Ji and Head of Department of Forensic and Toxicology Dr. T.D.Dogra Ji and show this world that one of the highest investigating agency, which is posing to act against corruption, is itself involved in  deep corruption and that’s to in a organized way, from top to bottom.                                                                                               27-12-2011                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       27-12-2011

With due regards.


             Truth prevails only not untruth.       

Truth is great that can not be suppressed by untruthful and dishonest persons.

Yours Sincerely,

(Brahmchari Dayanand)

Matri Sadan, Haridwar.

Annexure: As mentioned above a true, scientific and logical report of Dr. Vijay Verma.(By speed post)

Copy to : In this view that please save the country from grave corruption of persons and institutions and act swiftly to reveal the tuth.

1                   His Excellency, The President of India, Rashtrapati Bhawan, New Delhi.

2                   The Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, New Delhi.

3                   The Hon’ble Home Minister of India, New Delhi.

4                   C.B.I. Branch, Lucknow.

5                   To the Director, AIIMS, New Delhi.

6                   Dr. T.D.Dogra, HOD of Forensic and Taxicology, AIIMS, New Delhi.

Yours Sincerely,

(Brahmchari Dayanand)

Matri Sadan, Haridwar

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