Swami Nigmanand Ji lost life against Ganga Pollution and corruption

Swami Nigmanand ji aged 34 left his mortal body at around 2 pm on 13 June 2011 in ICU after being poisoned in District Hospital Haridwar.

9 thoughts on “Swami Nigmanand Ji lost life against Ganga Pollution and corruption

  1. lisa sabina harney

    Swami Nigmanand was a very good and dear friend to me. His fight will not go unacknowledged. He will be sorely missed, he was very kind to me. His adherence to the principal of Truth by fighting for Mother Ganga with his life is a spiritually important sacrifice. We will not forget him or what he did.

    Lisa Sabina Harney.


    jai gurudev
    it is india, where fighting real cause have no meaning. swami Nigmanand secrifice his life for a cause for saving GANGA for human life but the so called thekadar of society have not only polluted the GANGA ,polluted whole INDIA .only GOD can save this country. But secrfice of SWAMI NIGMANAND will give a message to this society to think of their plight in coming years & future of next genration. Pray to almighty to give strength to fight more vigrously .


  3. Satyan Jha

    When I first met Swami Nigmanandji in 1997 he had just broken his fast as the grinding stone crushers were put to halt and the mining mafia had temporarily stalled its illegal activities. At that time I did not know that he along with his fellow sanyasins will fight a long battle to get rid of the strong mining mafia. Nigmanandji fasted for long periods in the past ten years, this wasn’t the first time. In the past I did some signature campaign and tried to gather as much support as possible but the media outside Haridwar never took much interest. The Ganges or Ganga Maan is not a simple river. It is the lifeline of Indian civilisation, the only one still surviving among the ancient civilisations. The saints at Matrisadan have understood that and they are fighting to save not only India but the whole of human civilisation. This news should be on the Front Page. Manmohan Singh should be ashamed as he had full knowledge of what is going on. Even the supreme court did not answer their plea. The present govt. should immediately resign as they have failed to provide a minimum of dignity to the people of India. By sacrificing his life at the age of 35 Swami Nigmanandji has shown that how important is to wake up now from the deep slumber in which we are. Let us fight for planet earth and against all systems that have brought us to this situation of urgency by destroying natural resources and by polluting almost the entire planet. Swami Nigmanandji was a lion hearted person. A real Hero. We need people like him and we need them to live. Please do your bit wherever you are.

  4. ADB

    I really doubt that Baba Ramdev who also resides not far away from Ganga in haridwar at Kankhal never knew about this pollution. But how come such a important person fighting against corruption in India, overlooked the illegal mining just in his backyard. Really wonder if any good outcome could had been achieved by baba’s fast. So many sadhu’s came to break fast, but was it so impossible to break fast of a another person in the same hospital. ???????? my simple and humble question to everybody, please excuse me if the question was wrong or I have been rude to somebody.

  5. Osham

    This is the irony of his sad demise. Everyone from Baba Ramdev to UK Govt to Central Govt to all the central and state ministers were well aware of this pollution and the cause he was fighting for. Both of them were in the same hospital. They only chose to ignore it, because confronting it meant admitting they were corrupt themselves. Illegal mining makes a lot of money, and it is this money that has corrupted the minds of everyone involed and also has harmed Ganga bed and Haridwar’s environment to a big extent. But, truth has to come out sooner or later, and so it has. Still, the cost of Swami ji’s life is too much to pay. I sincerely hope that his sacrifice does not go waste.

  6. vivek kathait

    Swami Nigmanandji was realy a great person,who sacrifice their life for Mother ganga which is polluted, and saving ganga for human life,the most dissapointed thing is that nobody have time to support them,we will not forget him and thier sacrifice.

  7. doc

    These corrupted minister they will not understand the value of person who died after 115 days fast for them it just a decrement of 1 individual from the population of 121 crore.they will understand the value of 115 crore rupees eat by any minister in a big scandal.In our country when some one did crore rupees scandal then he or she comes under Limelight. but if a single person doing fast for the benefit of this country,country which is full of corrupted people,he will not come under the view of government or media until he left from this world.When this crushing of land near Ganga river will cause the loss of human life due to land crushing then these minister will notice this thing because after that it will become a big news.
    What Swami Nigmanand wants any party,any facility for him,any type of name and fame,what he wanted????Nothing.if he wanted something that is only clean water of Ganga.Now I understand when these minister understand the value of Fast…
    Fast is just not to eat food .it is that you are risking your life for something which is connect to you and river Ganga just not only connect to Swami Nigmanand but also connected to all of us.
    he did this for all of us and in exchange what these minister did.
    If any one i like after swami Vivekanand that is only Swami Nigmanand.Today i filled with a guilty that i can’t explain but you know about which guilty i am talking about…….

  8. Manoj Kumar Jha

    I peronally know him very well because I visited several times to MATRIsadan to take the ashirwaad from Gurudev. My whole family have visisted and still we go there to take ashirwaad from almighty Gurudev. I know what they are doing and what was the intention of Ohm Gurudev for which Swami Nigmanand was doing . He lost his life in protection against our own pawitra Ganga but Government did not do any thing for that great scarifice.
    Sometime I feel so sad that why it is happening in the country where Ganaga is flowing.
    I request all of you to continue the support to matrisadan for the great Job and let us hope to get the goal what Swami Nigmanad has started .

  9. dinesh lakhotiya

    swami jese desh bakhat milana muskil he. bhagat singh ki yaad dila dee ,pm shaheb ko desh ki ganga maa ke bare me sochana chahiye


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