Satyagrah against alleged corrupt Judges of High Court Nainital from 28th Jan 2011.

Today is the 40th day of Satyagrah

Continuous fast is going on against the two corrupt judges Hon’ble Justice Tarun Agarwal and Hon’ble Justice B S Verma is still going on since 28 Jan 2011 initially by Br. Yaznanad and later from Feb 19th 2011 by Swami Nigmanand Saraswati.

These judges have given stay orders against of G O of Uttarakhand Govt. which was meant to prevent destruction of Kumbh mela area in Haridwar as well as to save Holy Mother Ganga from rampant mining of stone and sand.

It is known that Matri Sadan has been struggling to save Ganga from illegal mining for the past 12 years. Swami Nigmanand Saraswati has also done Anshan from Jan 20th 2008 till April 1 2008 which resulted in success and Stone mining was banned, but after some months it again started and then Br Dayanand did 30 days fast in March 2009 to shun the illegal mining. It was closed for sometime and again restarted from Oct 2009.  Matri Sadan never gives up its struggle and this was shown when Br Dayanand started his Satyagrah from 15th October 2009 which lasted for 163 days. Swami Poornanand and Br Yaznanand also made their contribution.

Finally, on March 26th 2010 the success story was written in the form of G O by Govt. of Uttarakhand.

This time the corrupt owner of Himalaya Stone Crusher Mr Gyanesh Agarwal influenced the  High Court judges and was able to get a Stay order against the G O.

Since LAST TEN YEARS of this struggle the truly saints of Matrisadan always won by their patience,preserverance and practice of truthfull satyagrah.
Sanyasis were put in jail tortured attacked by mafia on several occasions the Govt. of Uttarakhand shamelessly supported mafias.

Till now High court of Uttarakhand and Supreme court has not responded to the numerous petitions/complaints.
Media too is shy to high light this event perhaph influenced or fear of contempt of court.
The sanyasis of Matri sadan are ever ready to sacrifice their lives for the humanity,culture,nation,enviornment and Truth.

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