Petition to protect the Holy river Ganges and Matri Sadan an spiritual organization
Br Yaznanand of Matri Sadan, Haridwar, India is on continuous fast from 28th Jan 2011. The present demand of Matri Sadan is to take action against corrupt judges Justice Tarun Agarwal and Justice B S Verma of High Court Uttarakhand.
Both Judges are involved in to give orders which facilitates the hazardous, destructive mining and crushing activity in Kumbh area of Holy Mother Ganga at Haridwar. The bed of Ganga is destroyed beyond imagination, the flora and fauna of only spiritual river Mother Ganga is destroyed.
For the last 10 years Matri Sadan has been successfully preventing the destruction of Holy Ganga bed of Haridwar where world famous spiritual gathering use to hold at every Kumbh Mela. Matri Sadan did several historical Satyagrah with the powerful weapon of peace and non violence.
The official mafia nexus are trying to destroy the above area and now the above named Judges are also involved in this process of Corruption and Holy Ganga Pollution.
Please save the Holy and National river Ganga by signing this petition and send it to Hon’ble Chief Justice of India andHon’ble Prime Minister of India for the welfare of whole mankind and world.

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  1. rajat narain

    Upholding the law and preserving the sanctity of the Kumbh area are doubtless important considerations. That said, it would indeed be helpful if the full background of this afffair , together with the legal aspects, is shared — to enable viewers to appreciate the matter in the entire perspective.

    The comments about the two judges are explosive and unless proved, can constitute a criminal contempt of court. One hopes you have a solid basis , which again can be put up on the website.


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