RTI letter

The RTI Officer/ President
National River Ganga Basin Authority
Hon’ble Dr. Man Mohan Singh

26th July 2010

Sub: Information under RTI 2005life saving Clause (information within 48 hours) to save life of Dr. G D Agarwal fasting against Ganga pollution from 20th July 2010 at Matri Sadan, Haridwar. Today is 7th day.


You are the president of National River Ganga Basin Authority. Now Ganga has become National River with Gazette notification. NRGBA was formed to save Ganga not to destroy it.

The Group of Ministers who sanctioned to start Loharinag Pala Project which was closed by Central Govt. in 2009(enc. letter 19th feb 2009). Dr. G D Agarwal was given written statement by Energy Minister Mr. S Shinde when Ganga was not gezetted as a National river.

Now the GoM have no legal authority to encroach upon National River Ganga Basin Authority but GoM is trying to insult National River Ganga damaging the Religious sentiments, Mother Ganga, ecology and environment. The whole world is looking upon young Indians and democracy of India who fail to save the pride of humanity Mother Ganga.

It seems Dr. G D Agarwal and India has been deceived by the Govt. of India. He is 79 years old senior Scientist and has served Govt. of India in capacity of first secretary to Central Pollution Control Board.

Today is 7th day of his fast and he may die soon. Please furnish me the following information within 48 hours under RTI Act to save life of Dr. G D Agarwal:

1. Is Hon’ble Prime Minister aware of this fast unto death of Dr. GD Agarwal started from 20th July 2010.
2. If Hon’ble Prime Minister aware then what instruction he has given as a President of NRGBA in relation to above.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Vijay Verma
Dr. Verma Polyclinic
Railway Road
Ph: 01334 227073
Fax: 01334 228852
Cell: 9219172063

1 thought on “RTI letter

  1. Manoj Kumar Jha

    Dear Dr. Vijay;
    I read your humble request to Dr. MM singh and really I got totally emotional and sad due to the approach of Government towards Maa Ganga. I am attached to matri Sadan and my God is the Ohm Gurudeva of Matri sadan. I want to do the campaign through the trails of mail . May I allow to take the matter from your this letter?


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