Swami Shivanand Saraswati,the founder president of Matri Sadan organisation established in 1997 at haridwar. Whereas the clairvoyance of Matri Sadan came to Sri Gurudev in 1994 during meditation at Badrinath.


Along with some Sannyasis I was at the Badrinath in june 1994 . During that period I received two divine directions ;one for Matri Sadan and other for going for Ayodhya . We decided a plan for going to Aayodhya. That was the month of June and we decided that we would go to Ayodhya in December. Accordingly in December we went to Ayodhya.

I had made up my mind to do meditation at the ashram for three days with proper approval of the priest concerned so that purpose of the divine direction might be discovered, in the course of our plan,

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 Aspirant/seeker Sadhak (सा) (SA) when submits to the spiritual precepter, Guru (गु) (GU) then establishes in celibacy, Brahmacharya (ब्र) (BRA) when established in celibacy  realisation/Meditation, Sadhana conciousness to the element of GURU is apprehended. Therefore Brahman (almighty) like circle, Brahmakar Vritti (ब्र) (BRA) is formed. As a result of which (सा) (SA) means Divine Mother (Core of vital Energy) showers her mercy due to which dissolution in Omkar () (AUM) is finally realised, which is highest realisation of the self a Brahman.

          ततो यति परम गतिम्

 (Tato yati param gatim) means undergoing through the above process the absolute stage is realised.